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Real World Fitness 9: interview with Joshua Loya - Martial Arts, Hypnosis and Motivational Speaker

My guest this week is Joshua Loya

Joshua is truly a multi-faceted individual. He is an accomplished martial artist with three black belts to his credit. He also is a practicing hypno therapist as well as a life coach and motivational speaker.

Some of the topics we cover include;

Real World Fitness 7: Beginning Yoga For The Blind

My guest this week is Marty Klein. Marty is the creator of the Beginning Yoga for the Blind audio program. Some of the topics we cover include;

  • Growing up in Brooklyn
  • Being gifted can be as hard as being challenged
  • Enlisting to avoid the draft
  • Dealing with his vision loss
  • Enjoying his new life
  • Discovering yoga

Marty’s books:

Real World Fitness 5: THE ONE TOUCH PROJECTSelf-Defense For The Blind

The 1Touch™ is the first comprehensive descriptive self-defense program designed specifically for people who are blind. The program is a hands-on self defense
Technique for dealing with assaults, aggressive behavior,
and bullying.

Bill’s guest today is Stephen Nicholls, the creator of the 1touch program. Stephen is accompanied by two graduates of the training, Carrie and Lori.
Some of the topics covered include:

Real World Fitness 3: Al Kavadlo - Top Body Weight Guru

In this episode of The Real World Fitness Podcast I address a listeners question regarding choosing the right gym. I also offer a couple simple nutrition tips to help lose body fat.
My special guest this week is Al Kavadlo, who is one of the busiest men in the fitness industry. Personal trainer, blogger, author of five best selling fitness books and master instructor for Dragon Door’s Progressive Calasthenics certification program!

Some of the interview highlights include:

An Apology and Some Big News:

I would like to start this post with a sincere apology to my readers/followers.
As you may have noticed there has been very little activity here on for the past sevral weeks. I could concoct some great excuses but I prefer to be honest with you.
I had a wonderful Christmas. I am truly blessed with a wonderful little family and a small handful of equally wonderful friends.