RWF 22: Randy Roach -Personal Trainer, Author, Inventor Pt. 1

This week I have a conversation with my Canadian brother, Randy Roach.
At virtually the same time I was discovering bodybuilding here in Florida, Randy, also with limited vision was discovering it in Canada.
While I was training people and having welders build equipment for my gym, he was doing exactly the same thing a few thousand miles north of me. And today both now age 56 and totally blind we continue to train clients and spread the word. I say have a conversation because this is far more that than an interview.
Where we lose our simalaritys is Randy’s huge acomplishments as a historian and author.
Some of the highlights of part 1 include:

  • Early athletics
  • Stevens Johnson Syndrome
  • Dealing with lifes changes
  • Dave Draper, an early hero for both of us
  • Early employment and education
  • Designing and building his own gym equipment
  • How losing his vision made him a better personal trainer
  • Finding the right approach for each client

Listen to RWF 22: Randy Roach –Personal Trainer, Author, Inventor, Pt. 1

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