Serious Strength Training For Older Lifters(video interview)

On November 17th I was once again the guest of Josh Hewett on his Google+ show, Gym Chats.
This time we focused on serious strength training for older lifters. Do you think you qualify as an “older lifter”? You might be surprised.
Here is some of what we talked about:

  • My background
  • Starting over
  • How things change
  • Recovery is the key
  • Active recovery
  • Back to basic movements
  • Form and focus
  • Effort vs. poundage
  • You can still improve even when you are older
  • Paying tribute to Brooks and Clarence
  • H.I.I.T. is better than long slow cardio
  • Learning from the best
  • Use goals to keep motivated

There are some audio problems through parts of this interview, including a gap where Google apparently knocked us off for about 15 seconds. Please excuse the tech issues and just enjoy the conversation.

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