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You've Got To Squat

That was the title of an article I read many years ago in a strength training magazine. It was written by Bradley J. Steiner who was one of the most prolific physical culture writers of the 60’s and 70’s. That title has always stuck in my mind. I have read thousands of bodybuilding and strength training articles in the past 40 years yet I can only remember that one title and byline.

Guest Post - Kettlebell Training Benefits For Busy Moms

The following guest post is by Maya Garcia.

I recently had an opportunity to interview my dear friend and U.S. Master of Sport, Bonnie Mullaney. She is not only one of the most amazing female competitors to grace the bell, but also a dedicated full-time mom! Below, Bonnie shares her personal experience and insights on integrating Kettlebell lifting into her life. Enjoy.

Why do you think moms in particular would benefit from kettlebell lifting?

Please Don't Waste My Time

This guy came into my morning exercise class on BlindCafe.net one morning and told me he really wanted to lose weight and could I please help him. I said of course I would and thanked him for coming to the class. I said I will hang after class and we can talk then. He thanked me and started asking me about diet. I again told him "after class." He again said OK but...and I told him that it wasn't fair to the others we would talk after class. I locked down my mic and began the class.

Divide and Conquer

In the dark ages of strength training there was a magazine called IRON MAN published by a man named Perry Rader. It was a simple publication that was chalked full of great and practical weight training info. It didn't glamorize the athletes like some of the other publications but relied on providing tons of result producing information in every issue.

Stretch Your Way to a Pain Free Neck

Today I want to outline a simple program of neck stretches I first learned from a fantastic physical therapist who was treating me after an auto accident several years ago. I have taught these to hundreds of my massage and personal training clients over the years with excellent results.

There are three simple movements. You can do them all together as part of your stretching program or just pick one and do it now and then during the day. They require no special equipment and only take a few minutes.