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RWF 25: When Pushing Yourself To Your Limit Can Hurt You

This weeks show is very different from previous ones.
Lisa will be with us to discuss some of the health bennifets of cocanut oil.
We do not have an in depth interview with a fitness or nutrition expert nor do we have an inspiring story of a great athelete who has overcome tremendous obsticles to achieve glory in their sport.
Instead I discuss my recent health scare and how it can effect anyone out there who pushes themselves to the extreme!

RWF 21: Allison Kuslikis -Healthy And Fun Eating

My guest this week is Allison Kuslikis
Allison is a young mother who decided right from the start that her children would live and eat in a healthy way.Both she and her husband Todd are plagued with food allergies so she has had to learn to be very creative in the kitchen. Allison is an engaging and charming lady who is sincere in wanting to help others raise their children in a healthier manner.
Some of the interview highlights include:

RWF 17 Real World Training and Nutrition with Brooks Kubik and Clarence Bass (pt. 1)

This week I feature an interview with two of the most knowledgeable people in the physical culture world.
Brooks Kubik and Clarence Bass
Between them they have authored more than 30books and hundreds of articles for all the major fitness publications. In addition to their literary prowess they have both excelled in their chosen strength sports. Brooks as a powerlifter and Clarence as an Olympic lifter and bodybuilder.

Real World Fitness 9: interview with Joshua Loya - Martial Arts, Hypnosis and Motivational Speaker

My guest this week is Joshua Loya

Joshua is truly a multi-faceted individual. He is an accomplished martial artist with three black belts to his credit. He also is a practicing hypno therapist as well as a life coach and motivational speaker.

Some of the topics we cover include;