Audio interviews with noted professionals

RWF 29: Nutrition Talk With Brian St. Pierre, pt. 2

In this, part two of my conversation with nutrition expert, Brian St. Pierre we cover some unusual and controversial topics including:

  • Brian’s thoughts on topical supplements
  • Your skin can absorb calories
  • Food is a social thing
  • food cravings
  • ”bullet proof” coffee
  • Just keep it real

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RWF 23: Randy Roach -Personal Trainer, Author, Inventor, Pt. 2

This week’s show features the second half of my conversation with my good friend Randy Roach. Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Muscle, Smoke And Mirrors
  • The challenge of losing his vision half way through the project
  • The truth about early protein powders
  • Questionable supplement industry practises
  • Digitizing Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors
  • Our mutual love of wrestling

additionally Lisa joins us with another interesting article

RWF 21: Allison Kuslikis -Healthy And Fun Eating

My guest this week is Allison Kuslikis
Allison is a young mother who decided right from the start that her children would live and eat in a healthy way.Both she and her husband Todd are plagued with food allergies so she has had to learn to be very creative in the kitchen. Allison is an engaging and charming lady who is sincere in wanting to help others raise their children in a healthier manner.
Some of the interview highlights include:

RWF 20: Mike Katz -Bodybuildings Gentel Giant

Mike Katz is truly a man with a big heart. He did not make it in bodybuilding without a serious effort. As he trained for his competitions, he worked as a high school teacher. He always had his eye on the top prize in the sport and his unwillingness to give up on that quest served to inspire everyone he came in contact with from his students to his fellow competetors.