Audio interviews with noted professionals

An Informal Interview With Dan John

Dan John is one of the most respected strength coaches in the world!
Dan has spent his life with one foot in the world of lifting and throwing, and the other foot in academia. An All-American discus thrower, Dan has also competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting, Highland Games and the Weight Pentathlon, an event in which he holds the American record!

An Interview With Brooks Kubik

Knife, Fork, Muscle  Diet and Nutrition for Lifelong Strength and Health

Brooks Kubik is one of the most prolific authors in Physical Culture. In a world populated by ghostwriters, Brooks is one of the few who actually writes his own training material.
Brooks has been training for over 45 years and has demonstrated time and again, by using his own body, that his training and nutrition programs work! Brooks is a multi-time state and regional powerlifting champion,

Steve Maxwell Interview pt. 2

Steve Maxwell Interview pt.2

Steve Maxwell is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. His career as a strength & conditioning coach spans nearly 40 years and stretches from training professional athletes, to working with various US Government agencies. Maxwell travels the world conducting seminars in strength conditioning, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kettlebells and joint mobility.

Interview with Arlene Semeco

Arlene Semeco

Arlene Semeco is a freestyle swimmer from Venezuela, who represented her native country in three consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 2004. She won two gold medals at the 2007 Pan American Games. She attended the University of Alabama and then completed her masters in clinical nutrition at Florida International University. She is a registered dietician and is certified by the ISSN the leading sports nutrition organization in the country.