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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of follow along workout programs on the market. Some of them are great and some not so great. Even the great ones might not be the best option for you.
Most are video downloads with limited verbal cues so you have to be watching them to know what to do. There are even some very descriptive audio programs out there which are much more accessable to anyone who can’t see a screen. But even these programs are generic, designed to fit the needs of a large population with no consideration of your personal needs and abilitys.
What I am offering are custom designed workouts (created for you)that you can download to your computer or mobile device and follow along. I will create your program based on your personal goals, time constraints, what equipment you have available(if any) and current fitness level.
I will include detailed exercise descriptions including progressions and regressions if the selected movement is too hard(or not challenging enough)
I will not include backround music for the simple reason that we all have our personal tastes andI can’t accommodate everyone in that area…(it also keeps the cost down).

email me to discuss the specifics of your personally designed audio follow-along workout.

Phone/Skype Consultations

Let me Help You Take Charge of Your Training and nutrition

With all the conflicting information available its easy to get confused.
Crunches are good Crunches are bad
High carbs Low carbs
It can be overwhelming!
That’s where I come in. I have tried virtually every training plan and diet there is. I have made every mistake in the book in my more than 35 years in the fitness business. You can save yourself hundreds of hours and perhaps thousands of dollars by asking me the questions you just can’t find the answer(or too many answers) to.
Lets talk about it.

A phone/skype consultation can last up to one hour. It is suggested, (but not required)that you prepare a list of questions and email them to me in advance.
Tell me about your goals and the problems you're having. I’ll also need background information such as age, weight, training experience, medical issues, along with your current diet and training program. This helps me give you the most information in the time we have. The more detail you give, within reason, the more productive our conversation will be. Be sure to highlight the areas where you feel you need help; be specific about your problems and areas of concern.
email me when you are ready to set up a consultation.