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Below you will find several audio downloads I believe will be of value to you.
They were created for the users of the Blind Café when I first began conducting live classes back in January of 2014. As I was only conducting one morning class 3 times per week, I received numerous requests to record the classes so those whose schedules did not permit them to attend would still be able to workout with me.
You will hear the evalution of my recording as the very first one is done with a cheap headset mic and is honestly pretty bad. The content is good but I soon realized that I needed to improve the audio quality.
As time went on I received requests for programs focused on specific topics such as stretching, finger and hand exercises for those with arthritis and carpel tunnel, specific movements for neck pain etc. You will also find those here.


This program is a very simple workout designed for the total beginner with some work done while sitting in a chair and some work done on the floor. It is ideal for an older person or anyone who has done no exercise in a long time and needs to start out very slowly.
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This one starts off in the chair like the previous one but works up to a more challenging level. Do as little or as much as you feel comfortable and just have fun.
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This workout is exactly what the title implies. It can be used as a warm-up before a run or strength training session, or as a stand alone program. Ideal for your off days. It can be done as a follow along workout or simply take the stretches that best suit your own needs and include them in whatever else you are currently doing.
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This is a short program consisting of three simple movements that, if practiced on a regular basis, will alleviate neck tightness and pain. If you have limited range of motion or hold a lot of tension in your neck/upper back area, this one’s for you.
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This one offers several different hand and finger exercises designed to enhance movement, coordination and flexibility in your fingers and hands. It is not an actual workout routine but rather simply offers several examples of exercises you can perform any time during the day to “loosen up those hands.”Click to listen: