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"The experts in functional training and rehabilitation. Perform Better has a huge inventory of great products to help achieve your health and fitness goals.
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The Kettlebell is one of the most effective pieces of equipment ever created. With only one kettlebell you can get a great full body workout virtually anywhere! With proper use you can build great strength, speed and dramatically improve athletic performance for virtually any sport. Additionally intense kettlebell training has been proven to burn more calories per minute than any form of conventional cardio exercise. For a top quality yet still very affordable kettlebell you can’t beat FirstPlace Kettlebells.
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The original and most versatile suspension trainer on the market. Get a great workout for your entire body anywhere. The Jungle Gym is great for increasing strength flexibility balance and total body coordination.
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An awesome piece of equipment to improve your entire body especially the abs. Also great for improving balance and stability. There are cheaper “ab wheels” available but this one is the most durable and because you can both attach it to your feet or use it in your hands the most versatile.
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Grip4orce Flex Grips
Training with thick handled barbells and dumbells has been proven to dramatically improve results in strength training. The problem is that few commercial gyms have “thick bars” and if you train at home purchasing another bar might simply not be in your budget. I recently discovered the answer. Grip4orce Flex Gripsare an awesome little tool that clips right on to any bar or cable handle in seconds and doubles the diameter of the gripping surface. They are light weight durable and fit in your gym bag. I love ‘em. Just don’t let anyone borrow them in the gym. You might not get them back!
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For educational content this site can’t be beat! offers a huge selection of downloadable audio lectures covering virtually every aspect of the health and fitness world. fat loss, injury rehabilitation, sport specific training and much more all covered in recorded lectures totally focused on that topic. All presented by the top authoritys in their field.

Additionally is the home of two of my favorite authors;
Josh Hillis;
Fat Loss Happens on Monday.
If your goal is to be leaner and healthier without insane crash diets, this book is for you
Dan John
Mass Made Simple
Never Let Go

Diamond-Cut Abs by Danny Kavadlo- How to Engineer the Ultimate Six-Pack—Minimalist Methods for Maximum Results
Diamond-Cut Abs
How to Engineer the Ultimate Six-Pack—Minimalist Methods for Maximum Results

Beyond Bodybuilding
Muscle and Strength Training Secrets for The Renaissance Man

Easy Strength
How to Get a Lot Stronger Than Your Competition—And Dominate in Your Sport

Dave Draper