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RWF 39: Learn About The USABA(an interview with two of their reps)

This is a very special RWF. First of all it’s the final show for 2015. I want to take some time off to just enjoy the holidays and recharge. Second its very special because of my guests! Today I have the pleasure of chatting with two representatives of the The United States Association of Blind Atheletes.
This is a fantastic organization dedicated to promoting fitness and sports for the blind community. Some of the topics we discuss include:

RWF 36 An Interview With Kelly Starrett

Coach Kelly Starrett founded San Francisco CrossFit with his wife Juliet. Since opening its doors in 2005 as one of the first 50 CrossFit Affiliates, this athletic training center has become the prime coaching resource for reigning Olympians, national and world champions, tri-athletes, runners, and recreational athletes alike. Kelly’s focused coaching and warm personality brings his professional training as a strength coach and a doctor of physical therapy to life for brilliant coaching in a positive environment.

Remembering my father on his birthday

“Put your weights away…. Come on dare boys, I ain’t gonna pick up afta ya”
If you trained in BodyMagic(my gym) during the 80s or early 90s than I have no doubt you heard those words a thousand times.
Even today, almost 20 years since I lost him I run into people who were a part of the gym and the first thing they say is”your dad was the best” or Is the old man still around?”
Metro “pops” Kociaba was born in Ansonia, Ct. on November 5, 1911. He served in the U.S. army during world war 2 along with his brothers Nick, Andrew and John.

RWF 33: Krista Scott Dixon -From Academia To Nutrition Coach

Krista Scott-Dixon finished her PhD in 2002. She taught at York University and did a brief stint in public health, publishing three books along the way. She escaped academia altogether in 2008 (and never looked back).
she currently serves as the Lean Eating Program Director at Precision Nutrition. She's coached three cohorts of the Lean Eating program, helping hundreds of women get and stay fit and healthy.

RWF 31: Juliet Starret –entrepreneur, humanitarian and athelete pt. 2

Juliet Starrett founded San Francisco CrossFit in 2005 with her husband Kelly. A lifelong athelete, Juliet launched her competitive sports career in high school when her rowing team won the Californian State Championship. From there, Juliet rowed competitively at UC Berkeley and went on to paddle for the US Women’s Whitewater Team, winning two World Championships and five national titles. In 2010, Juliet competed in the CrossFit Games.