Chatting With Brooks Kubik On His Latest Project(interview)

Brooks Kubik is one of the most prolific authors in Physical culture.
Brooks has been training for over 45 years and has demonstrated time and again, by using his own body, that his training and nutrition programs work!
Brooks has authored numerous articles published in “HardGainer”, “Milo”, “Ironman” and “Muscle and Fitness”. He has two dozen books, courses and DVD’s to his credit. At age 57, he trains as hard as ever in his garage gym. Brooks and his beautiful wife, Trudi live in Louisville, Kentucky, where together they run the Dinosaur operation. One of our most popular guests, Brooks joins me today to discuss his most recent project, The Dinosaur Files:

  • The genesis of the Dinosaur Files
  • The world’s largest dumbbell
  • The DF the first go round
  • Perry Rader’s Iron Man magazine
  • Steel Tip to Hard Gainer to Milo
  • A great Tommy Kono story
  • Why a “hard copy” newsletter
  • Listening to his readers
  • Little extras and the personal touch

Click here to listen. NOTE; My introduction some how got lost in cyberspace. So it sounds like you are joining us in progress. The only thing missing is my introduction of Brooks.

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