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RWF 39: Learn About The USABA(an interview with two of their reps)

This is a very special RWF. First of all it’s the final show for 2015. I want to take some time off to just enjoy the holidays and recharge. Second its very special because of my guests! Today I have the pleasure of chatting with two representatives of the The United States Association of Blind Atheletes.
This is a fantastic organization dedicated to promoting fitness and sports for the blind community. Some of the topics we discuss include:

Real World Fitness 7: Beginning Yoga For The Blind

My guest this week is Marty Klein. Marty is the creator of the Beginning Yoga for the Blind audio program. Some of the topics we cover include;

  • Growing up in Brooklyn
  • Being gifted can be as hard as being challenged
  • Enlisting to avoid the draft
  • Dealing with his vision loss
  • Enjoying his new life
  • Discovering yoga
  • BlindYoga.net

Marty’s books:

Don't Try This Insane Workout!

A reader recently sent me a link to a new workout program he found online. He wanted to know my thoughts on the program. After reading it through a couple times I found both good and bad, but what inspired me to write this blog post was the extremely high level of skill required to do some of the exercises. In other words how complicated they were.

click here to read the program.

Squatting for Superior Abdominal Development

Yes, you read that title correctly. Want powerful, well developed abs? Then I strongly suggest you put in some time doing squats!

My focus here is not ripped fitness model six pack abs, but rather a solid powerful core that will enhance your performance in any activity as well as protect your internal organs and lower back. I will address those shredded washboard abs and how to get them in a future post.

Iron Age Proverbs

guest blog post
Dave Draper
Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. World

The last time I went bowling I was 12 years old. Seems like only
60 years ago. Time flies when you sit still and stare. It was at
the Secaucus Bowlarama. I bowled 200 if you add up my score for
both games. Never went back. Too social: people, beer, balls and
shoes for rent, slipping and sliding, boisterous laughter,
confusion, little pencils and score keeping and costly. I had a
quarter and a dime in my pocket and a hole in my sneakers.

4 Week Pull-up Super Specialization Program

I recently mastered one of the biggest training goals of my life!

I have been training for 40 years and have achieved some pretty decent results but there has always been one exercise that has haunted and embarrassed me. Pullups have always been an issue for me. Thats not really true. I sucked at them so I just made believe they didn't exist!

Serious training for older lifters

Just because you aren't 20 or 30 anymore doesn't mean you still can't train hard and heavy (if that’s your thing). It simply means you can't do it the same way as you did previously and expect to get positive results. As time moves on your body changes in many ways. Hormone levels naturally decrease as we age, and as a result our body's ability to recover from hard physical work is reduced. Additionally our joints begin to suffer the "ravages of time".