RWF 18: Real World Training and Nutrition with Brooks Kubik and Clarence Bass pt.2

This week I feature the second part of an interview with two of the most knowledgeable people in the physical culture world.
Brooks Kubik and Clarence Bass
Between them they have authored more than 30books and hundreds of articles for all the major fitness publications. In addition to their literary prowess they have both excelled in their chosen strength sports. Brooks as a powerlifter and Clarence as an Olympic lifter and bodybuilder.
This is a lengthy and informative conversation with these two great men. Some of the highlights of part 2 include:

  • Facing the digital dilemma
  • Dino training in India
  • The Amazon advantage
  • What’s happening in Brooks’ future
  • “50 Shades of Dino”
  • What’s next for Clarence
  • The importance of finding new challenges

Additionally Lisa will be back with two interesting articles.
Listen to RWF 18:Real World Training And Nutrition With Clarence Bass and Brooks Kubik

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