Interview with me on the Low Vision Bureau podcast Pt.1

I was recently interviewed by Alvaro Gutierrez of for his weekly podcast. In part one we discuss:

  • Why I first started to exercise;
  • How I got into the fitness industry;
  • The epademic of obesity;
  • The offer I made to a room full of blind people that no one took advantage of;
  • Our mutual frustration with the lack of motivation many blind people display;
  • The scariest and most exciting time of my life;
  • How I became friends with my childhood heros;
  • Why its easier to fail;
  • The challenges of being a blind personal fitness trainer;
  • My biggest frustration with many blind people;
  • Why I feel a blind trainee will have a better experience in a neighborhood gym over a big chain facility;
  • and much, much more

Click here to listen to pt. 1.


Great article! Lots of good information! Glad your so honest about things, and say what's on your mind!

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