Part Two of my interview on the Low Vision Bureau Podcast

Here is part two of my interview with Alvaro Gutierrez of for his weekly podcast. In part two we discuss:

  • Transportation and personal independence;
  • The best Christmas present my wife ever got me(that I would suggest for every blind person);
  • How I got started leading online exercise classes;
  • The challenges of teaching long distance vs face to face;
  • The blind café;
  • Starting my own website;
  • What I hope to accomplish with;
  • More about my online classes on the café;
  • How exercising improves your self esteem;
  • The importence of setting personal goals;
  • Life is a battle and you can’t aford to lose it;
  • The question I asked a high school class;
  • Adaptive yard work;
  • Educating the public;
  • And much much more

Click here to listen to pt. 2


This was a great interview with you Bill! You were so informative about so many different subjects, and you are so encouraging about so many different things! You also give such good advice about finding different places to check into for various activities. I totally agree with you about it just being a matter of us teaching the public a lot of times. They just don't know if they haven't been around a blind person. I myself am going through something like that with a new friend of mine. He asks a lot of questions, and I just explain things to him, and answer all the questions that he has. Great interview Bill! Looking forward to listening to many more of your interviews!

It's always interesting to hear your thoughts, not only on the subject of exercise but also about how you live a very regular life in spite of being blind. You are inspiring, Bill!

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