Serious Training for Ignored Populations

On Wednesday, June 25th I had the pleasure of being Josh Hewett's guest on his internet program, GYM CHATS. We spoke about many aspects of the fitness industry including:

  • selecting the right gym if you are blind;
  • adaptations needed for a wheelchair bound trainee in a commercial gym, which will surprise you;
  • the challenges of being a blind personal trainer;
  • the challenges of training a blind client either in person or long distance;
  • what’s wrong with most fitness websites;
  • how fitness sites can make themselves more accessible to blind users;
  • and much much more!

Use the controls below to watch the video.


This is a great interview! Lots of good information for a person who is disabled and wants to find a gym to work out in, and also lots of information for trainers that work with clients who are blind. It tells a lot of how instructors or trainers should explain exercises in detail when their describing an exercise either on a web site, or any where else. not just for the benefit of a blind person, but also for sighted people. Great job! Looking forward to hearing more interviews by you Bill!

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