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Guest Post - The Rules of Chocolate

The following article was written by Charles Poliquin

Eating chocolate used to be cause for plaguing us all with guilt. Closet chocolate eaters, you can all come out now! Recent scientific research tells us that chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants called flavonols.

These anti-oxidants protect our arteries and prostate glands, reduce inflammation and increase sensations of well-being. The same flavonols are found in green tea and in certain types of berries.

The Rules of Chocolate

Guest Post - You Have to Make it a Priority

The following article was written by Sara Cheatham and is printed here with permission from the author.

When people ask me what I “do” and I tell them that I am a personal trainer, they automatically start spewing excuses as to why they are out of shape and
unhappy with their bodies. I don’t have to ask a thing. I am suddenly a shrink. Personal facts surface quickly and without reserve. Mind you, all I have
said is that I am a personal trainer. Suddenly I’m their life long best friend. “I don’t have time… I have kids… I go to school… my job wears me out… I
just have no energy… I used to workout…” I’ve heard every excuse in the book.

Divide and Conquer

In the dark ages of strength training there was a magazine called IRON MAN published by a man named Perry Rader. It was a simple publication that was chalked full of great and practical weight training info. It didn't glamorize the athletes like some of the other publications but relied on providing tons of result producing information in every issue.

Stretch Your Way to a Pain Free Neck

Today I want to outline a simple program of neck stretches I first learned from a fantastic physical therapist who was treating me after an auto accident several years ago. I have taught these to hundreds of my massage and personal training clients over the years with excellent results.

There are three simple movements. You can do them all together as part of your stretching program or just pick one and do it now and then during the day. They require no special equipment and only take a few minutes.

My Biggest Training Mistake

It's been more than 40 years since I first picked up a barbell and in that time I have made virtually every mistake one can. At times I have tried to train with weights that were far too heavy for me to properly use. I have done marathon workouts like I read about in the magazines. I have changed my program too often. You name it I have done it and I can say with no fear of being wrong so has every other person who has spent any time with the iron!